About installing the wire clutch perch kit
The information is based on theoretical values.
It does not guarantee a reliable installation in the vehicle.
For actual feeling and wearing not absolutely correct because this product is universal product



Confirm stock wire


Pulling waire from handle side

Available for
Tam size is φ8
Wire end size is φ8
Inner wire scale is between 40-50mm
  If it is not applicable, change the tension on the engine side.
It can't be fit. if the above dimensions are not met even if the engine tension is changed.

Choice the ratio


Confirm the distance for between center of pivot to wire tam.
Available from 28mm to 32mm

Our recommend to use same size as stock
( It reduces the friction, so it is easy to be control at the same distance )

Confirm to switch

・2 line type
  Same as picture
  ⇒Don't need to processing
  Different as picture
  ⇒Need to processing
・3 line type
  ⇒2 line from motocycle conect to terminal
  (Should be hold clutch lever when you start engine)
・4line type

Confirm the clearance

That product is universal type so this have possibility toch to cowl, meter, some parts



Wire clutch perch kit


Elaborate Wire clutch perch kit