For smooth pedal operation


Varios advantages on the street from the considered design for races.
Perfect symbiosis of comfortable riding on street and curcuit by minimal change from normal position.
High operation performance by the lean manufacturing design.


The pedal pivot is placed behind for improvement of operability.   Rubber sealed barin on the shift pedal.
Adjustable position by the extension.   Dry bearing at the joint.
Separated pedals and foot pegs for accidents.   Reduced defrection by the minimum offset.
Anti slip shape on the foot pegs(Folding tip)   4 positions selectable foot peg.

Standard shifting
Reverse shifting
Sepcially designed for each model
Compatible with ABS
Material:Forged Aluminum(6061)
Compatible with reverse shifting
Processing:Full 3D CNC Machining
Normal switch relocation
Color:Silver/Black (Anodized finish)
4 Positions foot peg